Mission Hope Day is May 5th from 9am until Noon. This year we’re going out to serve our neighbors by hosting a farmers market at Crossland Avenue Baptist Church, cutting lawns, cutting hair and sharing our faith. We’re asking for donations of fresh produce, volunteer beauticians and yard workers, and of course, anyone who wants to come out and share your faith. If you’re interested in being a part of this outreach day click below to signup to serve.

Mission Hope Day Signup

Saturday May 5
Meet at LHBC at 7:30am for breakfast and load produce to be in place in Crossland by 8:15am.

Crossland Avenue Baptist Church Parking Lot (Corner of Cumberland Drive and Crossland Avenue)

What we’re doing:

  • Hair cuts for the elderly and physically disabled and single moms (by appointment only)
  • Yard cuts ( by appointment only)
  • One gallon bags of dry dog food
  • Yard cuts in Oakland Community

What we need:

  • Fresh Produce (veggies & fruit) on Friday, May 4,
    or Saturday morning, May 5 NO LATER THAN 7:30 AM
  • Volunteer beauticians
  • Volunteer yard cutters w/mowers
  • People who love to talk to others
  • People to share the Gospel