Living Hope Community Center

Fitness Schedule

Get F.I.T with Instructor  Brenda Wilkins
Monday mornings 6-7am and Thursday mornings 6:15-7:15am

Get F.I.T with Instructor  Christian Moore  on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings  6-7am

PiYo –  Tuesday 9am & 5pm | Thursday, 9am  This class combines the power of pilates + yoga + nonstop movement!  You will sweat, stretch, and strengthen-all in one workout.  Define exactly how you want to look and feel. No weights. No bulk.  Just results with PiYo Instructor Brenda Wilkins.

F.I.T. (Fitness Interval Training)  Monday | Tuesday | Thursday, 6pm
This is a group fitness class which uses dynamic movements for the entire body for strength & functional movement for everyday living with Fitness Instructor Christian Moore.

ZUMBA – Monday | Thursday, 6pm
Zumba is one of the latest crazes in the exercise world. Zumba mixes dance and fitness together for a fun time of exercise. We invite ladies to come for Zumba on Monday and Thursday nights at 6pm in the student room on the Second floor. This class is only for ladies with Zumba Instructor Eden Gutierrez.

LADIES FITNESS- Wednesday | Friday, 9am
This class focuses on Tabate/Pilates exercises as well as getting your cardio up with all levels of strength interval training with Instructor Charlene Ferrell.



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